Monday, March 23, 2009

Life With Multiple Dogs

Common Myths about owning multiple dogs:

1.) Getting a second dog to keep the first one company- If you do not have time for one dog, trust me, you will have even LESS time for him or her with a second dog in the picture. Dogs prefer their human's attention to the attention of other dogs.

2.) When you have more than one already, adding another dog is "no big deal." This is sooo not true. Each dog is a full dog's worth of work, no matter how many you have.

Benefits to owning multiple dogs:

1.) The dogs DO help each other to get more exercise. My crew, at least, all play and wrestle with each other and they do wear each other out. When dogs visit here to play, they always go home tired (-:

2.) The dogs learn social skills from each other. My dogs all "speak dog" very well. This can also be learned by providing regular off-lead play time with other dogs when your single dog is a puppy.

3.) Multiple dogs means there are many more moments of cuteness and laughter. It is a lot of fun watching them play together and seeing their different personalities.

The downside to multiple dogs:

Multiply the cost and energy requirements by the number of dogs you own.

1. ) Work x (insert number of dogs here.)

2.) Training x (insert number of dogs here.)

3.) Cost x (insert number of dogs here.)

4.) Toys Required x (insert number of dogs here.)

5.) Attention Required x (insert dogs here.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dog Park Trip

We went to the dog park last Thursday. Lots of fun (-: I took my crew and met Jennifer with Halo and Chloe and Cathy with Ginger and Ryder there. We had a great time and a nice visit while watching the dogs play.