Friday, February 22, 2008

An apple a day...

keeps the veterinarian away (-:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Links to English Cocker and Dog Show Websites

Here are some great sites that I have been sent links to recently and I wanted to share them with you!!
This is a GREAT site for those of you new to showing dogs. Lots of great information, although some of the links on the page are outdated and do not work. Be warned... it is a dalmation website.
Lots of great English Cocker photos and links to English Cocker sites world wide.
Watch the 2008 English Cocker video!
A Yahoo group for Northwest Dog Activities. Find a class or a fun match.
Dog Classes in Tacoma, WA.
My new favorite shampoo (after using #1 All Systems for years) is the show seasons Amino Flex shampoo. Great stuff.'s Breeder's website. See some of Wincent's relatives, including his handsome dad, Northworth Again and Again.

The photo above is of Frasier, Marcus and Taffy's litter brother. Thanks, Cori, for the photo! That is a lot of snow!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

TV: American Idol & Westminster

Those of you who know me well, know that I am really not much of a TV watcher. Most of my life I have easily gone days or weeks without turning on the television. Recently, however, we signed up for cable (yes, we did not have cable!) so that I could get Fox News channel. I love following the news during an election year. I have now discovered something else that I love on TV... American Idol!!! I have seen every episode this season and I am completely addicted to this show. Admittedly, I am not musically talented myself in any way, but it is so fun to see the different voices and styles that all of the contestants have. I already have my favorites (-: So, if anyone else is addicted to American Idol (or Fox News!) we will have to get together at the dog park or a dog show and chat about something other than dogs (-:

I also managed to watch part of the Westminster dog show and the AKC National Agility competition. Jasmine was really proud to see her sire, Ch Chestnuts Selling The Drama RN NA NAJ "Copper" go BOB and take a Group 4 in the sporting group.

I really think Wincent was sticking his tongue out at Sophie (-:

Monday, February 4, 2008

Submissive Urination

I know this is a strange topic, but I actually get many questions about this from pet owners of a lot of different breeds.

Here is what I have experienced with Submissive Urinating in English Cockers...

1.) It is usually done by puppies and they generally outgrow this by 8-9 months of age, if not earlier.

2.) Socializing your puppy a lot and having strangers feed your puppy treats will help your puppy to overcome this reaction.

3.) It is a natural reaction for a submissive dog and puppies have less bladder control, so are more likely to do this.

4.) The best way to avoid it is to ignore your puppy until she has emptied her bladder (hopefully outside!)

5.) Do NOT punish your puppy for this as it will only make the problem worse. Instead, try to ignore it and get your puppy outside.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Training Your English Cocker

Is your dog acting naughty???

Give him/her a job! English Cockers are brilliant little dogs... at least mine are (-: I very, very much recommend to my puppy buyers that they take at least three different obedience classes with their dogs. I recommend 2 six week sessions of classes when an English Cocker is between 4 and 8 months old. This helps to lay the foundation for an easy to live with dog and it also helps to socialize your puppy. I also recommend a "refresher" course when your puppy is between 18-20 months of age. This is a tough age as your puppy is almost an adult and you are starting to raise your expectations of what your puppy is capable of.

If you are interested in taking classes that will provide some entertainment for you and your dog, I really recommend trying an agility class or a rally obedience class. There are also classes for learning therapy work, fun tricks, and freestyle dancing.

Here is a link to help find a class in the Northwest:

Also, here is a link to a Northwest Dog Activities Yahoo group. If you are in the Northwest, I recommend joining and then posting to ask for a referral to a good class in your area:

Also, if you have an interest in training for obedience, agility or any other canine sport, join the Versatile English Cockers yahoo group:

Chloe and Halo owned by Jennifer Vandecar (and co-owned by us!)

Grooming Your English Cocker

It has been a while since I have posted! Too much going on, as I am sure you all understand.

I have recently been discussing grooming with many of my pet English Cocker owners. I wanted to write a little about what I have been sharing with everyone.

My very favorite tools for grooming a pet English Cocker:

1. Clippers

2. Fine or Extra Fine Coat King

3. Straight Scissors

4. Thinning Shears

5. Nail Trimmers

6. Stripping Knife

You can get all of these at

Here are some great links for information about grooming an English Cocker:

I very much like the #1 All Systems Super Cleaning Shampoo and their Protein Lotion Conditioner. A good detangling spray will help with combing out tangles and matts if you keep your English Cocker in a show length coat. I have heard of people using the Infusium leave in conditioner for people mixed half infusium, half water in a spray bottle for a detangling spray. I have heard it works quite well, but I haven't tried it yet.