Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dog Park Trip

Yesterday, Jennifer and I took our dogs to Marymoor Dog Park. They had sooo much fun!!

I took a gazillion photos and will get them posted to my website in the next day or two, but I wanted to share this photo of our crew "sitting for a cookie" at the dog park. We practice calling the dogs in for a sit and then feeding them cookies in order to make sure we have good recalls at the dog park. Our dogs have lovely recalls as they love their dog park snacks (-:

Our trip was a huge success and I have a houseful of tired, happy dogs today. My dogs are very athletic and love the running, playing and swimming they get to do at the dog park. One of my favorite things about English Cockers is the fact that the "big dog" owners at the dog park are amazed at how athletic my little cockers are. The first reaction people usually have to my dogs is "aww, what cute little cockers." I love that about this breed. There are not many breeds that are the perfect size for snuggling on the couch, but also have the energy and athleticism of a lab or golden when playing fetch, swimming, etc.

Thursday, September 4, 2008